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Why & When

A lot of people ask me why do they need to use Bens Trophy Buck Mix. Why not just pour some salt on the ground - they love that. Of course salt is cheaper, and deer love it but it does nothing for them, so why not use something they love and helps them grow big and healthy at the same time!

Bens Trophy Buck Mix has some salt content for attractant but unlike most competitors it isn't mostly salt - it's true - just start reading some of the competitors labels and compare. I put more vitamins and minerals then most of them but still have the salt needed that the deer can't resist!

Introducing our amazing new flavor - Garlic - deer love it and it is good for them! Garlic is known to help ward off fleas, ticks and flies - so why not help them get even healthier with Bens Trophy Buck Mix Garlic Flavor - get it at all of our locations! You Won't be Sorry!

When a buck is growing his horns he uses up a lot of the vitamins and minerals that should be going to skeletal growth - so Bens Trophy Buck Mix not only grows bigger and better racks but also supports skeletal nutrition and growth.

As far as your does, Bens Trophy Buck Mix gives them the vitamins and minerals they need to feed and support their fawns, during and after pregnancy - it's like giving them a prenatal vitamin.

Lets sum up what Bens Trophy Buck Mix does to YOUR deer herd...Bigger deer, Larger racks, Larger birth rates, More milk production and a Great immune system. Let's face it, your deer deserve to get the most out of what YOU'RE buying and feeding them.

When to Use

As far as when to use Bens Trophy Buck Mix, that's simple....all year! But the critical time (spring and summer) is of course when the bucks are growing their horns and when the does are pregnant and then feeding their fawns. I start when the snow leaves and the deer start coming back from their "wintering" area. I use it all through the hunting season as well. During the month of July a buck that has all of the right vitamins and minerals can grow up to 3 scorable inches a day! That's why Bens Trophy Buck Mix is no joke - start helping your deer grow bigger, stronger, and healthier. Start using Bens Trophy Buck Mix today!

Be sure to check your local fish and game regulation books, for rules may vary from state to state.