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"I received a few sample bags of Ben's Trophy Buck Mix this past summer and after a few trial runs we have been more than satisified with the product. We have been using it on our farms we own and manage in ND, IA, WI, MO, and KS with great results. We have seen very heavy usage at all mineral sites making it very easy for us to evaluate the bucks on these managed properties. One of the many things I like is the low amount of salt used in the blend. Deer don't need a lot of salt in their diet but many suppliers use as much as 65% salt in their blends because it is a major attractant. This is a cheap way for them to get the deer to utilize their product but it is very costly for the consumer. We were paying for a lot of filler that is useless to the deer. A great product at 1/3 the cost, who wouldn't want that!" Thanks, Ted Marum

"Being a trophy whitetail outfitter I've experimented with a number of minerals and attractants. After using Bens Trophy Buck Mix in North Dakota and Wisconsin this past season, I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt it's the most effective supplement I've ever used. Experimenting with Ben's Mix and another mineral in front of the same trail camera proved it time and time again. And pound for pound, its one of the least expensive you can buy. You have to try this stuff!"
Scott Kirkpatrick - Owner & Head Guide
Buffalo County Outfitters
Buffalo County, Wisconsin

"In the past I have used several mineral attractants with little to no success. However, after using Bens Trophy Buck Mix last season, the results were phenomenal! By using trail cameras, I was able to successfully pattern several big bucks throughout the year; allowing my clients and I to have our best season to date!"
Mark Schuh - Owner/Guide
Bluff Runners Outpost
S6232 Schuh Rd.
Eau Claire, WI 54701

"Being the bow hunting addicts we are, we have tried a couple different deer minerals during the past seasons to try to stay a step ahead of the deer so we know whatís out there for bucks and to try and keep inventory on the buck to doe ratio. After getting introduced to Ben and his Trophy Buck Mix, we now know what we have been missing. Before when we used the other competitorsí minerals and read what was in their ingredients - it was mostly salt so we decided to start using plain salt blocks to save on cost. We were only getting a couple of bucks every two weeks, but after hooking up with Ben and tried out his mix weíre getting bucks coming in daily along with the does and fawns. We are more then satisfied with Benís mix, this is only the first year using it, and we all cannot wait for the years to come as we know that this is only going to help the bucks in growth and development and grow those mossy horns that we all pray for to walk by in the fall!"
Full-Quiver Addicts Inc.

"Hey Ben, I have a problem with your mineral...Every year I use it the deer seem to be getting bigger, more mass and length, making it heavier for me to drag these bigger deer out. Will you help me drag? Keep up the good work on this mineral! I think you have something going here with this new garlic...Love it and definitely seeing the results..."
Rutting Ridge Outfitters
Jarrad Fluekiger, Owner, Head Guide

"I packed some Ben's Trophy Buck Mix = Garlic Mineral into some large empty power-ade bottles to carry easier and "sweetened up" the fast disappearing wallows (due to dry hunting conditions) with some Ben's. I had three cameras out, one was stolen...but got some good flicks on the others. I also spent time in ground blinds watching the piles; they quickly became daylight focal "hubs". I saw lots of activity within a 100 yd radius of the ďBen's Trophy Bull Mix Wallow Dustď spots! We also got picís of the Bull my Brother killed on a Ben's Trophy Buck Mix Garlic Mineral, in the dark two nights before he killed him!!
I put out my last two bags of Benís Trophy Buck Mix = Garlic Mineral ,out in the Mountains of AZ. Didnít put any cameras on the piles but a surely am looking forward to seeing how it spiced up our tree stand sites next year! Thanks again for a great product. The does tracked me down after I dumped the bag . I left the other bag at the base of tree, they found it. I think itís safe to say effective on Coues deer!" - Anonynous Source: A.K.A. Bull Slayer