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HARDCORE TROPHY Clover Mix is different from most other clover mixes. We have a specific blend of 5 different clovers that mature at five different heights, as well as almost 10% Chicory and almost 5% of Alfalfa!! The theory behind this is that while the deer eat the tallest clover and work their way down to the shortest clover, the tallest has already reached its perfect platiable height and taste for the deer; creating a "fresh all of the time" food plot with a great bonus of Chicory and Alfalfa which we all know big bucks love. Go Hardcore this year and get some HardCore Trophy Clover mix!
Our blend consists of: Ladino White Clover, Berseem White Clover, Alsike White Clover, Medium Red Clover, Chicory and Alfalfa
A 4lb bag plants 1/2 acre plot that will last 3 - 5 years with correct soil PH and planting proceedures. Price per bag: $38.95 SOLD OUT

Our Rippin' Radishes are the real deal. Our blend is 100% pure Daikon Forage Radishes. Plant this 1/4 acre plot in July for an awesome Fall and late season hunting plot! Try em'.... You won't be sorry!!
A 3lb bag plants a 1/4 acre plot. Price per bag: $27.95 SOLD OUT

Our Brassica blend has the best line of Brassicas, Daikon Forage Radishes, and yes Ladino Clover so after they tear up all of the Brassicas this Fall and Winter, next Spring there will be some Ladino Clover growing in your plot to give them the protein they need!
Our blend consists of: Dwarf Siberian Kale, Winfred Forage Brassica, Dwarf Essex Rapeseed, Purple Top Turnip, Daikon Forage Radishes and Ladino White Clover
A 3lb bag plants a 1/2 acre plot. Price per bag: $34.95 SOLD OUT
An awesome blend of Artic style oats, winter peas, Daikon Forage Radishes, winter wheat and triticale for a plot that they tear up from September through April! For a green plot even under the snow!
Our blend consists of: Bob winter oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Daikon Forage Radishes, Winter Wheat and Triticale. A 25lb bag plants a 1/2 acre plot. Price per bag: $41.95 SOLD OUT
Our 25lb bag of Garlic Deer Mineral has only 22% salt compared to most competitors that have 65 to almost 98% salt. Get your money's worth this year and buy a mineral - not some glorified salt lick! Check out the Ingredients and go ahead and compare! Our deer mineral has a "garlic ingredient" that they love and can smell "a mile away". Grow bigger deer, bigger horns and don't forget about the fawns. A fawn gets more milk when a doe is using our mineral as well. That way you can start growing your trophy before it is even born! Don't be fooled this year - get your money's worth - get Bens!
Price per bag: $39.95 SOLD OUT